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Vastu Tips for good sleep

The reason behind why we should avoid sleeping with our head in the North.

The direction your head faces while sleeping has an unconscious yet profound effect on your physical and mental well-being as the energy of that particular direction flows through your mind and body while you sleep.

Earth’s magnetic pole stretches from north to south with the positive pole being in the north and the negative pole being at the south. We too have similar magnetic poles with the north (positive pole) being our head and the south (negative pole) being our feet.

It is common knowledge that like poles repel and unlike poles attract, therefore, when we sleep with our heads placed in the north, the two positive poles repel each other and there is a great struggle between the two. This battle usually ends in the person waking up and having headaches, heaviness, mental instability, neurosis and psychological illnesses. Therefore, sleeping with our head in the North should be avoided at all cost.

The influences on our body and life of sleeping with our heads in the 8 directions are mentioned below :

West : leads to violent and bad dreams

South : invokes material happiness and power

East : leads to spiritual knowledge

Southeast : leads to arguments and lowering of immune system and skin problems

Southwest : best for business people as it generates business ideas and enhances material happiness, wealth and fame

Northeast : disease and unrest

Northwest : fame and wealth but with disease

North : disease (leading to tumours in the brain, mental instability and death)

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