Vastu Shastra tips for doctors and patients

“ Shastrenanena Sarvasaya Lokasya Param Sukham I Chaturvarga Phalaprapti Shlokashch Bhavedyuvam II Shilpshastra Parigyan Mrityoapi Sujetam Vrajet I Parmanand Janak Devanamidamiritam II Shilp Vina Nahi Jagtishu Lokeshu Vidyate I Jagad Vina Na Shilpanch Vertate Vasav Prabho II ”

Because of Vastu Shastra the whole Universe gets good health, happiness and all-round prosperity. Human beings attain divinity with this knowledge. Followers of Vastu Shastra not only get worldly pleasures but also experience heavenly bliss.

“In this regard, Vastu Shastra plays a very important role thelp in building a clean environment, free from pollution of any kind, full of light and colour needed for the development of a healthy mind and body.

Therefore, I would like to give a few important tips, especially to the medical practitioners to be adopted in Hospitals and Nursing Homes for the speedy recovery of their patients.

A study was conducted by The Vastu Research Centre, New Delhi, applying the following Vastu Principles to different patients.

The results revealed that 70% to 85% patients showed remarkable progress and their recovery rate was from 30% to 45% faster than the other patients by following these simple techniques:

1. Orientation of the patient’s room :

  • The patient’s room should have plenty of, natural daylight with cross-ventilation ,bight and soft furnishing, fresh flowers, green plants and pleasant paintings or photographs on the walls • Have maximum openings (windows) on the N/E, East or S/ E walls
  • No mirrors should be kept in the room
  • Use of only wooden beds and the avoidance of steel or metal frames beds.

2. Color of the ceiling and three walls must be off-white and light green color on the West wall. Do not use any synthetic paints.

3. Electric wiring should be in conduit pipes with both ends properly earthed. Do not use fluorescent tube lights as they damage the eyes.

4. Use Window A/Cs only with fresh air vents in the “open” position. If using a Central air conditioning with duct system, add minimum 15% to 20% fresh air.

5. No TV is advised. Only pleasant soothing music or Bhajans for fixed times should be allowed. Play soft instrumental music or some healing Mantras for different patients in consultation with a competent Vastu Consultant.

6. Sleeping position :

  • Generally, in normal conditions, the patient’s head should be towards the East.
  • If there is excessive bleeding after the operation keep the head towards the North but only for a few days.
  • For patients suffering from Asthma or breathing problems, the head should be towards the North-West.
  • For patients suffering from Low Blood Pressure, Anaemia or Heart problems, their heads should be towards the South.
  • Never keep the bed below a hanging beam.
  • Pregnant ladies’ heads should be towards the west. Never keep the head towards the North or South.
  • After delivery of the baby keep the patients head towards the East.
  • During the delivery, the overhead light in the QT Room should be switched off. Use normal indirect light.
  • Never bring the new-born baby into bright light.
  • Keep the baby in a room with pink walls, good eastern light and cross ventilation. The baby’s head should be in the South when sleeping.

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