Monet – A Masterpiece

I was approached by Abhisekh Sharma, a successful entrepreneur who owned two thriving restaurants/bars in a mall in South Delhi.

The mall is well established and has been in existence for the past 20 years but not many people visit it. I had studied it while doing my PhD in Vastu Shastra and Geopathic stress so I knew that the problem lay in the shape of the Mall which was circular instead of rectangular. Shops opened and shut. Businesses flourished and after some time they closed down. That is why I thought it was quite risky to open another bar. I had a look at the plan and it was far from suitable for a successful business. I even had it accessed by a renowned astrologer and I was advised that if Abhisekh decided to start his business there it would be doomed for failure.

There were numerous problems like a Gau Mukhi plot, a closed north, a cut in the south-east which generally leads to business closures, loss of reputation, financial drain and loss of name and fame. There were also a handful of spirits floating around  because the property had been empty for over 10 years. Even after being told the bad news Abhisekh’s enthusiasm didn’t vain so I took a look at his horoscope  and it stated that the placement of his stars were not suitable for buying property and  that any risky investments will not bear fruit. So from the start I told him to be cautious but he kept on asking me for suggestions and recommendations and help so in the end I decided to take up the project and together with his enthusiastic and hard working team of architects we did make Monet a Vastu perfect and financially viable restaurant.

I placed some Vastu rectification items in the property to take care of the spirits and ask the Vastu Purusha for forgiveness and blessings to begin the reconstruction. After placing them the energies shifted immensely and the neighbouring property became free for lease so that was added to the original restaurant. After joining both properties the Gau Mukhi shape was rectified and that plot now had a South East extension.

A few major Vastu Dosh and rectifications are mentioned below:

  1. It was a Gau Mukhi (cow faced) shape plot which is never good for business: we used copper strips to cut the extensions and make it a perfect rectangle and after the other property was added to  it a South East extension was created.
  2. Vastu Purusha had turned into the Kaal Purusha so we needed to placate him.
  3. Southwest was too open and bright, northeast too closed and dark, it was the complete opposite of an auspicious plot : placed a Vasati Narasimha Yantra on the top of the South West facing door.
  4. Main entrance in the West: created a tunnel with greenery to make it a small confined space and placed a Vasati Direction Yantra above the entrance door.
  5. The North was closed: placed a mirror, placed the cashier and a Vasati Mercury North Yantra.
  6. East direction closed which would lead to failure to earn popularity: created toilets in the West and placed the Vasati Sun East Yantra
  7. Northeast was where they wanted a mezzanine but told them strictly not to place it there, placed  the Vasati Sri Yantra, Rahu Yantra and Jupiter Yantra instead.
  8. Bar was created in the centre of the restaurant to keep the Bramsthan open, and placed in such a fashion that the customers face West and South as then they spend more money.
  9. Southeast and East had mirror walls to negate the Vastu Dosh in North/North West.
  10. Kitchen was created with Vastu perfect settings in the South East.
  11. Vastu perfect Toilets were placed outside near the entrance tunnel.

These where some of the rectifications used to balance the Vastu Dosh and sync Abhisekh’s horoscope with Monet. There are a few more problems which through Gods Grace the Yantras are taking care off on a daily basis.

I gave the interior design team the main colour/ material suggestions. Interior design was handled by Soumya Kakkar ( and Aayush Goel (

They all did a stunning job and I wish Abhisekh and Monet every success possible.